“We organize your trip and perform at the highest Swiss level, with Sardinian warm hospitality !

A tour in Sardinia
reveals its real beauty if organized and accompanied by a prepared travel consultant and local guide of www.costasmeraldaservie.com / www.sardegnaguide.it !
A tour leader who is personally attached to the local life, to the ways and customs. As qualified guides and travel consultants we recommend you on all the details of your trip. From the reception in the airport/harbor, to the transfers and the assistance in the Hotel. We advise you on personalized itineraries both archaeological and naturalistic, oenological and culinary, not forgetting the driven visits in our splendid cities or discovering the characteristic towns full of history. Only trough our guides that are; professionally affirmed, multi-tongue, kind and polite, with solid cultural knowledge Sardinia will enter your heart!
We organize your itinerary, whether individual or group trip’s, together with us you will avoid hitches; you can take advantage of our territorial knowledge, of our good relationships with the receptive structures and reliable contacts for all means of transport. All this and much more is at your disposition direct through info@costasmeraldaservice.com/info@sardegnaguide.it

We speak:
German, Swiss German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese…
and many others on request.
Correspondence languages: German, English, Italian

Certain to have stimulated your curiosity and your interest,
we are ready to an imminent constuctive cooperation.
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you will be answered within the 48 hours!

A nos bidere!

Lucia Achena

Executive GM
Sardegna Guide
Costa Smeralda Service